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1994 - 35th Anniversary Blonde Swimsuit
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You know I've changed my mind about this doll.   
Hortensia Florida U.S.A  (2/26/2002)
       You know something,I've changed my mind about this doll.I gave her negative feedback the last time,but I need to change that,cuz nothing in life is PERFECT!We collector's need to understand that 1959 is 1959 and that there will never be another 1959,but then again there will never be another 1994,that's when this repro was made,so when I am an old lady collector's will be crying for one of these reproduction dolls.I am just tired of collector's critizing the reproduction dolls,just tired.The repro dolls are better made, because they will never get green ear.They have beautiful face paint,so please collector's give these gals credit,yes I know that a vintage is a vintage,but not everyone can afford them,so stop that much negative,starting by me.I think she is one stunning DOLL!

They should of made her like#1 barbie.   
Hortensia Florida U.S.A  (7/16/2001)
       This doll,should of been made with the commuter set barbie,that looks just like the original no#1.The tubbing like the first reproductions they started to do,so that it would of been a good repro,unfortunally this doll doesn't make many collectors happy.



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