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Fantasia 2000 Mickey Sorcerer Apprentice

"Fantasia is idea in itself." With these words, Walt Disney described the film Fantasia designed to continuously grow and evolve with new stories animated to the worlds' finest classical music. Fantasia/2000 is a living testament to Walt's vision. With one segment from the original Fantasia and seven newly created animation masterpieces, Fantasia/2000 explores new worlds and introduces the latest in a long legacy of unforgettable Disney stories and characters, like the Sorcerer's Apprentice. When Mickey tries the Sorcerer's hat on for size, he finds he can bring a broom to life. But the magic gets out of hand, and an army of brooms spells a flood of trouble. Not to worry, the Sorcerer returns to restore order from the chaos.


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Stock Status:  In Stock
Series: Disney
Year:  2000

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