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#1 Soda Fountain Sweetheart - 1996

Soda Fountain Sweetheart Barbie They're two American symbols, together bringing the past to life. Meet Soda Fountain Sweetheart Barbie doll, the premier doll in the nostalgic COCA-COLA Fashion Classic Series. For years, the COCA-COLA Ladies were the world's most glamorous advertising symbols. From calendars to magazines to serving trays, their image was everywhere, depicting fashionable women of the times. Now Barbie® adds her own timeless glamour and beautiful smile to those legendary ads as she brings the COCA-COLA Ladies to life. Lovingly created from a 1907 ad, every detail brings back those nostalgic days. Even the COCA-COLA glass and holder she carries is authentic to the times. Barbie and COCA-COLA, two American originals together for the first time.


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Stock Status:  One only In Stock
Series: Coca Cola Fashion Classic
Year:  1996

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